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An essential for every family's medicine shelf

Gotucream® contains a powerful combination of the most elite herbs known from thousands of years of traditional herbal medicine and validated by dozens of clinical studies to reduce pain, inflammation, redness & scarring associated with a vast number of skin conditions. Gotucream® combines all this in just one incredibly versatile cream!

Natural & Organic

90 Days Guarantee

Proven By Research

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Our Guarantee

Here’s our simple promise to you. If your skin condition does not improve within just three days of using Gotucream®, simply get a refund of all your money back through our hassle-free refund policy!

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The story of Gotucream®.

An ancient wonder backed by science!

Since ancient times humans have used countless herbs for healing.  Out of all these thousands of herbs, through a long process of trial and error, some proved highly effective in the improvement of various skin conditions that caused skin inflammation, irritation, redness and scarring. Gotucream® consists of such herbs blended together in a specific and optimal proportion to maximize effectiveness. Gotucream® is  backed by an astonishing number of  scientific research studies conducted on the dermatological effectiveness of its remarkable plant ingredients that have passed the difficult test of time with the highest grades.

10 Things That Make Gotucream Your No. 1 Choice

Here are 10 things that make Gotucream such an incredible product:

Results Within Hours

Unlike ordinary products, you won't have to wait for weeks or days before seeing your results. With Gotucream® you will see your skin condition remarkably improve within just hours of first first use and more complete relief within just a few days.

Natural Ingredients

Gotucream® contains a powerful combination of active herbal ingredients known from thousands of years of traditional herbal medicine to bring you 100% natural relief for your skin.

Backed By Science

Gotucream uses ingredients that, in addition to traditional evidence, are further backed by multiple clinical studies for their safety and effectiveness.

Organic & Handmade

The active herbal ingredients of Gotucream are gently hand blended in a natural cream base that is free of harmful chemicals or parabens.

Penetrates Deep

Thanks to its specially formulated natural base, Gotucream® instantly penetrates the skin to the deepest levels necessary for the treatment of your skin.

No Side Effects

Gotucream is a natural product and has no reported side effects to date. This is in complete contrast to other products that are non-organic and contain harmful chemicals.

Feels & Smells Great

Ordinary products have an uncomfortably bad smell. For such a powerful product, Gotucream® smells so nice that you will be pleasantly amazed.

For All Severities of Problems

Gotucream is formulated to bring relief to even the worst effected skin. It is the strongest formula available over the counter

Suitable For Everyone

Gotucream is suitable for use on all skin types of all colors, genders and ages. You can safely use Gotucream® on children just like for adults.

90 Day Money Back Guaranteed

Gotucream comes with the simplest possible 90 day money back guarantee. Just send us back the unused portion or the empty jars and we will issue an immediate refund with no questions asked. Your purchase is 100% risk free!

Gotucream® function.

Skin conditions that Gotucream® relieves

Gotucream® provides instant and rapid relief from the symptoms of more than 120 skin diseases and conditions. Here are the top 30 skin conditions for which Gotucream® can provide rapid relief:

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What’s inside Gotucream®.

The natural & organic ingredients

Gotucream contains a high concentration of multiple active natural ingredients gently hand blended in a specific proportion into a highly absorbent and certified natural cream base.

Gotu Kola

Commonly known as mandukparni or Indian pennywort or jalbrahmi, it has been used as a medicine in the Ayurvedic tradition of India for thousands of years and listed in the historic ‘Sushruta Samhita’, an ancient Indian medical text. The herb is also used by the people of Java and other Indonesian islands. In China, Gotu Kola is one of the reported “miracle elixirs of life” known over 2000 years ago

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the oldest medicinal plants in history. According to Hindu legend it came from the Garden of Paradise. For centuries it has amazed people with its wide range of healing powers and known as the ‘holy herb’. Alexander the Great, upon the advice of Aristotle, conquered the island of Socotra, off the coast of Africa, just to secure supplies of Aloe Vera.

Tea Tree Oil

Native to Australia, Tea Tree has been used in traditional Aboriginal medicine for centuries. More recently, during WWII, Australian soldiers would carry tea tree oil in their first aid kits to treat their wounds. It was so popular during that time that anyone who was in the business of producing Tea Tree oil was exempt from the drafts so they were free to keep producing Tea Tree .


Neem is native to the Indian subcontinent and to dry areas throughout South Asia. The plant has been used in the traditional medicine of India for centuries. Its significance as a healing plant is simply immense.


Cedarwood has been used by various cultures, such as Native American and Tibetan communities, to address ailments. Cedarwood was also used to relax the body and mind, making it ideal for religious ceremonies and spiritual practices.


Grapeseed oil comes from the pressed seeds of grapes. The oil is a by-product of the process of making wine. The high amounts of omega chain fatty acids and vitamin E contained in grapeseed oil, make it a powerful topical treatment for skin.

Why Us.

Here's why Gotucream is so effective

Join the change.

Redefining skincare

Support the movement for natural products by only buying products that:
        • Have established traditional evidence.
        • Are validated by scientific research.
        • Use organic ingredients.
        • Use only relevant ingredients
        • Are responsibly made.
Gotucream is gently blended by hand in Scotland, United Kingdom, using the finest natural & organic ingredients.
Buy Gotucream today and experience the difference by getting rapid and natural relief for your skin!

90 Day money back guarantee!

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Don’t take our word for it!

Latest Gotucream Reviews

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Gotucream Reviews & Ratings

Janice R.
Janice R.
California, USA
Read More
"Thank you for providing a wonderful product. It helped me immensely."
Alan E.
Alan E.
Texas, USA
Read More
"I got quick and fantastic results with Gotucream."
Diana D.
Diana D.
Florida, USA
Read More
"Happy with the outcome. In fact better than my expectations."
Gregory D.
Gregory D.
New York, USA
Read More
"Gotucream is a strong product. Highly effective."
Karen D.
Karen D.
Pennsylvania, USA
Read More
"With Gotucream I eventually manged to find the right solution."
Charles K.
Charles K.
Illinois, USA
Read More
"Gotucream is natural healing at its best!"
Bruce D.
Bruce D.
Ohio, USA
Read More
"I didnt think any product stood a chance for my condition but Gotucream has done the impossible."
Kevin L.
Kevin L.
Georgia, USA
Read More
"Gotucream has taken away a huge problem of my life.."
Nicole K.
Nicole K.
California, USA
Read More
"I was reluctant to pay any more money for my issue but I am glad I gave Gotucream a shot. "
Deborah C.
Deborah C.
Texas, USA
Read More
"I was quite lucky to stumble upon your product."
Randy A.
Randy A.
Florida, USA
Read More
"I am more than happy with Gotucream."
Scott J.
Scott J.
New York, USA
Read More
"To me Gotucream came as a saviour.."
Andrew D.
Andrew D.
Pennsylvania, USA
Read More
"Gotucream was a last hope for me and I am fortunate to have given it a try."
Lauren D.
Lauren D.
Illinois, USA
Read More
"Astounding results! cannot complain.!"
Janet M.
Janet M.
Ohio, USA
Read More
"It worked isntantly."
Margaret J.
Margaret J.
Georgia, USA
Read More
"Thank you. My skin is much better."
Juan D.
Juan D.
California, USA
Read More
"I wish I had found something like Gotucream a long time ago."
Sharon T.
Sharon T.
Texas, USA
Read More
"Gotucream did an amazing job."
Adam R.
Adam R.
Florida, USA
Read More
"Thanks for all your help. Your product worked."
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Gotucream Frequently Asked Questions

Gotucream is designed as a fast acting natural formulation that goes to work instantly upon application. You should see and feel a noticeable improvement with your very first application. Complete relief depends upon the severity of the condition and can take up to three days depending upon the case.

Gotucream is really simple to use. Wash the skin area needing treatment with plain water. Once the skin is dry, take a little Gotcuream with the tip of our fingers and gently massage it on the area needing treatment. Once it is absorbed into the skin, leave it on for eight hours. Then wash the skin again. Twice or thrice a day application is enough.

On average a 2oz jar should last 4 weeks to treat a skin area of 9 square inches. Most people go for our larger four jar deal for greater savings.

Yes, as long as it is administered by an adult so that infants do not swallow the cream. Gotucream is only for topical application and should not be ingested.

Unfortunately, we can only ship within the USA and to Canda at the moment. We deeply apologise for this.

Your Gotucream purchase is  100% risk free via our 90 day money back guarantee. We have made the refund process as simple as possible. If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason whatsoever, just return the remaining portion in the jar that it came, along with the receipt (if available) and send it back to the address you received it from (see your package). We will instantly refund all your money.

We make your purchase risk free!

Our Hassle Free 90 Days Refund Policy

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase of Gotucream, simply return the unused portion of the product or the empty jars to us and we will issue you an immediate refund. Please include the original receipt (if available) so we can trace your order or if the receipt is not available then simply write the name and email address you used to place your order on a plain piece of paper with the words “REFUND” written on it. Please send these to the address you received your order from.

 As soon as we receive your refund request, we will credit your money back to the card you used to make the payment. Please allow 3 to 5 business days for the amount to show back in your account. It is our endeavour to see you satisfied with your purchase and go to any length to ensure this.

FREE & FAST shipping on all orders!

Got any questions?

You may write to us at the following addresses. For faster response, please use the email form.
3705 W. Pico Blvd #1590
Los Angeles, CA 90019

Head Office:
275 Southbrae Drive
Glasgow G13 1TT, UK

Tel: + 323-310-1712
Please use the form below to contact us for any issue. We aim to respond within 24 hours to all queries.
FREE & FAST shipping on all orders!

170 reviews for Gotucream 4 x 2 fl oz Jars

  1. Elmer Lapp (Verified Review)

    We Ike it

  2. Robert Kerr (Verified Review)

    Had some irritation on my forearm and applied the cream over a five day period. each day it improved and was completely gone after five days.

  3. Patrick Clark (Verified Review)

    Seems to work good

  4. Nadine (Verified Review)

    Gotucream is GREAT. Good for use to facilitate healing injured areas, plus good for dermatitis as well as nail issues. Works beautifully and exactly as indicated. I am ordering more.

  5. Mary lou Bergeron (Verified Review)

    Very small bottle for price

  6. Steve Carson (Verified Review)

    My wife loves your product

  7. Katie Israel (Verified Review)

    Very moisturizing, smell is heavenly and very relaxing. The skin problem didnt resolve (hyperpigmentation) but my skin health definitely changed. It became more supple, moisturized. I loved the upliftment. The price is also not bad. All worth the spend!!.

  8. William Sheffler (Verified Review)

    Stuff is awesome.

  9. Jennifer Bryan (Verified Review)

    Very happy with the results.

  10. Donald Weatherhead (Verified Review)

    Fantastic cream with a pleasant odor. Very healing.

  11. Darcy Jamieson (Verified Review)

    The spots never disappeared. But the itching stopped and has yet to return. It smells nice and is not greasy. I would recommend it if the spots had gone away

  12. Michelle McQueen (Verified Review)

    stopped the itching immediately on my ankle rashes. stopped the itching immediately on my mosquito bites.

  13. julie foster (Verified Review)

    really helps

  14. Janice Whatley (Verified Review)

    It works really good

  15. Wanda Hecht (Verified Review)

    Gotucream has worked to prevent new veins from popping up and has made existing ones less noticeable but as of yet they have not disappeared.

  16. Nicholas Melnick (Verified Review)

    excellent results. The sun is the best solution but your cream has helped immenesly.

  17. Elaine Woodriff (Verified Review)

    Gotucream is very nice and heals skin problems.

  18. Christine Gonzalez (Verified Review)

    Only thing that has works for my granuloma anulare.

  19. Siegmund Papp (Verified Review)

    This cream is really amazing. It helps to heal different skin problems, from itching to wounds and scratches and acting very fast. I love it.

  20. Tonya Hall (Verified Review)

    The 90 day money back guarantee gave me confidence to originally purchase this! This stuff is amazing! I dont usually do reviews but it truly worked! I would buy it again and again and have recommended this product to multiple friends!

  21. David Tomsic (Verified Review)

    It worked well!

  22. Debbra Morgan (Verified Review)

    It did notlighten my dark spots on my face like I expected, however it did decreased some of my wrinkles so fair trade off I am still using it in hopes my spots lighten .

  23. Angelo Toneguzzo (Verified Review)

    Th cream is great and I enjoyed using it.!

  24. Tish Hayes (Verified Review)

    Works great and smells pretty..

  25. Maria Zambrano (Verified Review)

    Extremely good!!! I love how it feels in the body and how soft my skin has become. I want to use it forever…

  26. Sherril Welch (Verified Review)

    I really like the moisturizing qualities and essential oils in this cream.

  27. Laura Smith (Verified Review)

    I purchased this for an excruciatingly internal shingles episode. Between the allopathic medication and the Gotu cream on the affected area I was able to get through it. It was very soothing.

  28. John Simmons (Verified Review)

    Best thing ever made helps outstanding thanks so much!

  29. Joe DaCorta (Verified Review)

    Excellent results. Starting see a difference in a couple of days!!

  30. Denise Blix (Verified Review)

    Shipment arrived quickly. Gotucream is helping keep my HS under control. I will be reordering.

  31. Fred Rank (Verified Review)

    excellent product

  32. Kay Miracle-Burke (Verified Review)

    Nothing worked on my shingles until I got this magic in a jar. Healing, soothing and itching pain gone. Highly recommend! Kay

  33. Daniel Renel (Verified Review)

    Great product killed jock itch that otc medication couldnt

  34. Donna Buchan (Verified Review)

    Love the cream just wish it would have arrived sooner than two weeks! Really helped with the healing of my shingles with no residual scars.

  35. Gary (Verified Review)

    I found Gotucream by chance on a google search. Initially I was reluctant to purchase it, because I thought it was pricey. Then I realized I pay a fortune in dermatology cost to get shots of cortisone in my keloids. So, I decided to try Gotucream out. I was amazed by the results. Not only did it shrink my keloids, but it less than a doctors visit, less painful than multiple shots, and its soothing to itching. Great product. Gotucream = Gotmersults!!

  36. Anonymous (Verified Review)

    I am in the third order. The first time it was two jars also second and this time 4 I believe, my boyfriend saw YIUR product online and asked if I wanted as I had been dealing with skin ulcers and another skin issue yet to be determined, both of which leaving many sores on arms and legs,neck and upper back . I tried many things which was pretty limited due to my sensitive skin and no luck. Was dealing with burning and itching and swelling. The gotucream seemed a little pricey for my personal budget. My boyfriend went shared and ordered for me. Most of sores are healing, very slowly more than a month since I have been using this product twice a day. It helps the burning for sure and the red irritation seem to be less. I have also used essential oils In addition.
    My over all opinion is I believe the product has aided in this but I am seeing scars as they are healing, so I am curious if I should continue to use for that will if help lighten scars and speed up healing.
    I do wish there was a bigger bottle for better price. My boyfriend purchased for me.
    Thank you. Anne Marie

  37. Gillian Grannum (Verified Review)

    I love this product. It has worked where so many others have failed. Thank you.

  38. Anita Jackson (Verified Review)

    Its better than the prescriptions Ive used.

  39. Pameula Boyer (Verified Review)

    I alternated it with emuaid, large doses of vitamins c, and s steroid cream. I have been working on curing poison oak for 6 weeks. Its much better but not completely cured yet. So Im not sure which one I like best. I like that yours is not greasy.

  40. Yvonne Lavoie (Verified Review)

    Substantially reduced keloid scars. It works over time to soften and improve the appearance of scars. I love this product

  41. Deanna Cordo (Verified Review)

    Amazing product. I use it on my face to help when I am having an autoimmune flare and I use it on my hands, which used to crack and bleed this time of year but now feel much better! I put it on at night so it can soak in for awhile. And I love the smell!

  42. Tianying Xu (Verified Review)

    I really like it

  43. Janice Whatley (Verified Review)

    It works great for my H.S

  44. Steven Carlson (Verified Review)

    Great for shingles relief!!

  45. Andrea (Verified Review)

    Use the cream on various skin issues….works great…

  46. Callie Valent (Verified Review)

    Excellent. Smell isnt bad

  47. John (Verified Review)

    Best cream to clear acne and best service from the company! Highly recommend

  48. Connie Grubaugh (Verified Review)

    So far I have seen a definite decrease in my granuloma angular. Thanks better then taking steroids.

  49. Anonymous (Verified Review)

    The Gotucream seems to be working on improving the condition of my sons skin. He has a severe case of hidradenitis suppurativa and the condition is improving. The cream has improved dry skin areas too.

  50. Jean Philippe (Verified Review)

    The Gotucream has helped me immensely with my problem with HS that I have been suffering with in my pivate area. I am very glad I have found your cream, it helps me to be able to sit at my job all day with comfort, less burning and more manageable. I would recommend this cream to anyone who has skin problems. I will be ordering this cream for a long time because of my problem with HS it is apparently a life time skin desease, therefore the only thing I hope in the future when I continue to order the cream it is shipped by regular Canada Post mail like the 2 times I had ordered it and not like the last time where it was shipped to me using a brokerage shipping and it cost me an extra $40.00 to $60.00 which is very disappointing and costly seeing I will be ordering this for a very very long time in the future.
    Thank you

  51. Steven (Verified Review)

    Wonderful relief for Shingles!!!

  52. John (Verified Review)

    Excellent customer support best cream ever helpful in acne

  53. Richard Walker (Verified Review)

    Super awesome

  54. Manjula M. (Verified Review)

    Excellent product!
    You know I am using this cream on my face and all sun spots on my face are getting lighter. All the Ingredients are ancient Indian. I am an Indian woman and my ancestors were also from India, so I know several ingredients are used in Indian households.
    I ordered 4 bottles to last me for a year. I use Gotucream in the morning and evening.
    I wear this cream over my makeup.
    Its a little expensive but worth it.
    East Bay Area California.

  55. Anita Jackson (Verified Review)

    It works better than any scripted topical

  56. Anonymous (Verified Review)

    Works on everything well

  57. Anonymous (Verified Review)

    Works great. Felt relief for bad case of pityriasis rash and healing right away without the need of antihistamines or steroids. Other creams were tried prior but no relief. Uses right after shower. His case was bad and getting worse.. unable to sleep die to intense itching.. and had been at least 10 days before started. 1st night had strong relief and continued relief each application. Cleared up much quicker then Drs stated it would . Wish we could have gotten it sooner and larger jar

  58. Judy T. (Verified Review)

    I am so thankful I found Gotucream. I can apply it as often as I need it and it keeps healing. It is the only thing that works and is good for the skin also.

  59. Gail Ingram (Verified Review)

    The cream is great stuff. I use it on my neurodermatitis eczema. It is pleasant to use and really helps stop the itching which can be maddening. It works best when rubbed in really well. So glad I found