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An essential for every family's medicine shelf

Gotucream® contains a powerful combination of the most elite herbs known from thousands of years of traditional herbal medicine and validated by dozens of clinical studies to reduce pain, inflammation, redness & scarring associated with a vast number of skin conditions. Gotucream® combines all this in just one incredibly versatile cream!

Natural & Organic

180 Days Guarantee

Proven By Research

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Our Guarantee

Here’s our simple promise to you. If your skin condition does not improve within just three days of using Gotucream®, simply get a refund of all your money back through our hassle-free refund policy!

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The story of Gotucream®.

An ancient wonder backed by science!

Since ancient times humans have used countless herbs for healing.  Out of all these thousands of herbs, through a long process of trial and error, some proved highly effective in the improvement of various skin conditions that caused skin inflammation, irritation, redness and scarring. Gotucream® consists of such herbs blended together in a specific and optimal proportion to maximize effectiveness. Gotucream® is  backed by an astonishing number of  scientific research studies conducted on the dermatological effectiveness of its remarkable plant ingredients that have passed the difficult test of time with the highest grades.

10 Things That Make Gotucream Your No. 1 Choice

Here are 10 things that make Gotucream such an incredible product:

Results Within Hours

Unlike ordinary products, you won't have to wait for weeks or days before seeing your results. With Gotucream® you will see your skin condition remarkably improve within just hours of first first use and more complete relief within just a few days.

Natural Ingredients

Gotucream® contains a powerful combination of active herbal ingredients known from thousands of years of traditional herbal medicine to bring you 100% natural relief for your skin.

Backed By Science

Gotucream uses ingredients that, in addition to traditional evidence, are further backed by multiple clinical studies for their safety and effectiveness.

Organic & Handmade

The active herbal ingredients of Gotucream are gently hand blended in a natural cream base that is free of harmful chemicals or parabens.

Penetrates Deep

Thanks to its specially formulated natural base, Gotucream® instantly penetrates the skin to the deepest levels necessary for the treatment of your skin.

No Side Effects

Gotucream is a natural product and has no reported side effects to date. This is in complete contrast to other products that are non-organic and contain harmful chemicals.

Feels & Smells Great

Ordinary products have an uncomfortably bad smell. For such a powerful product, Gotucream® smells so nice that you will be pleasantly amazed.

For All Severities of Problems

Gotucream is formulated to bring relief to even the worst effected skin. It is the strongest formula available over the counter

Suitable For Everyone

Gotucream is suitable for use on all skin types of all colors, genders and ages. You can safely use Gotucream® on children just like for adults.

180 Day Money Back Guaranteed

Gotucream comes with the simplest possible 180 day money back guarantee. Just send us back the unused portion or the empty jars and we will issue an immediate refund with no questions asked. Your purchase is 100% risk free!

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What’s inside Gotucream®.

The natural & organic ingredients

Gotucream contains a high concentration of multiple active natural ingredients gently hand blended in a specific proportion into a highly absorbent and certified natural cream base.

Gotu Kola

Commonly known as mandukparni or Indian pennywort or jalbrahmi, it has been used as a medicine in the Ayurvedic tradition of India for thousands of years and listed in the historic ‘Sushruta Samhita’, an ancient Indian medical text. The herb is also used by the people of Java and other Indonesian islands. In China, Gotu Kola is one of the reported “miracle elixirs of life” known over 2000 years ago

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the oldest medicinal plants in history. According to Hindu legend it came from the Garden of Paradise. For centuries it has amazed people with its wide range of healing powers and known as the ‘holy herb’. Alexander the Great, upon the advice of Aristotle, conquered the island of Socotra, off the coast of Africa, just to secure supplies of Aloe Vera.

Tea Tree Oil

Native to Australia, Tea Tree has been used in traditional Aboriginal medicine for centuries. More recently, during WWII, Australian soldiers would carry tea tree oil in their first aid kits to treat their wounds. It was so popular during that time that anyone who was in the business of producing Tea Tree oil was exempt from the drafts so they were free to keep producing Tea Tree .


Neem is native to the Indian subcontinent and to dry areas throughout South Asia. The plant has been used in the traditional medicine of India for centuries. Its significance as a healing plant is simply immense.


Cedarwood has been used by various cultures, such as Native American and Tibetan communities, to address ailments. Cedarwood was also used to relax the body and mind, making it ideal for religious ceremonies and spiritual practices.


Grapeseed oil comes from the pressed seeds of grapes. The oil is a by-product of the process of making wine. The high amounts of omega chain fatty acids and vitamin E contained in grapeseed oil, make it a powerful topical treatment for skin.

Why Us.

Here's why Gotucream is so effective

Join the change.

Redefining skincare

Support the movement for natural products by only buying products that:
        • Have established traditional evidence.
        • Are validated by scientific research.
        • Use organic ingredients.
        • Use only relevant ingredients
        • Are responsibly made.
Gotucream is gently blended by hand in Scotland, United Kingdom, using the finest natural & organic ingredients.
Buy Gotucream today and experience the difference by getting rapid and natural relief for your skin!

180 Day money back guarantee!

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Don’t take our word for it!

Latest Gotucream Reviews

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Gotucream Reviews & Ratings

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Gotucream Frequently Asked Questions

Gotucream is designed as a fast acting natural formulation that goes to work instantly upon application. You should see and feel a noticeable improvement with your very first application. Complete relief depends upon the severity of the condition and can take up to three days depending upon the case.

Gotucream is really simple to use. Wash the skin area needing treatment with plain water. Once the skin is dry, take a little Gotcuream with the tip of our fingers and gently massage it on the area needing treatment. Once it is absorbed into the skin, leave it on for eight hours. Then wash the skin again. Twice or thrice a day application is enough.

On average a 2oz jar should last 4 weeks to treat a skin area of 9 square inches. Most people go for our larger four jar deal for greater savings.

Yes, as long as it is administered by an adult so that infants do not swallow the cream. Gotucream is only for topical application and should not be ingested.

Unfortunately, we can only ship within the USA and to Canda at the moment. We deeply apologise for this.

Your Gotucream purchase is  100% risk free via our 180 day money back guarantee. We have made the refund process as simple as possible. If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason whatsoever, just return the remaining portion in the jar that it came, along with the receipt (if available) and send it back to the address you received it from (see your package). We will instantly refund all your money.

We make your purchase risk free!

Our Hassle Free 180 Days Refund Policy

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase of Gotucream, simply fill this simple refund form. It takes less than 30 seconds! Click here for the refund form.

 As soon as we receive your refund request, we will credit your money back to the card you used to make the payment. Please allow 3 to 5 business days for the amount to show back in your account. It is our endeavour to see you satisfied with your purchase and go to any length to ensure this.

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Got any questions?

You may write to us at the following addresses. For faster response, please use the email form by clicking here.

Herbal Dermals LLC FZ
Business Center 1 Floor M
The Meydan Hotel
Nad Al Sheba
Dubai, UAE

Manufacturer’s Address:

Herbal Dermals Ltd
12 Cook Street
Unit 4
Glasgow G5 8JN
Scotland, UK

Tel: + 323-310-1712
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221 reviews for Gotucream 2 fl oz (59 ml) Jar

  1. Tammy WHITE (Verified Review)

    This stuff worked on husband so good after many other products felled.

  2. Robert Cowart (Verified Review)

    My wife is using and she says it working, just not a quickly as she would like.

  3. George Provine (Verified Review)

    Good soothing product.

  4. Erica Moon-Bates (Verified Review)

    I love this cream! It revitalized my skin!

  5. Lois Smith (Verified Review)

    Great stuff!

  6. Robert Kelley (Verified Review)

    Has cleared up my skin that has been a problem for years!

  7. Tamara Derooy (Verified Review)

    Whoever came up with this mixture is a magical healer genius. I had complete faith that it would cure the problem on my lip. This is 2 months later though and still struggling. I tried another powerhouse surefire (homeopathic) remedy too, and the problem still doesnt let up, so it may be something altogether more heavy than what these creams can deal with. For all others Id say, GO AHEAD AND BUY IT! Its an incredible cream that definitely felt like it could cure just about anything.

  8. Mary Mayeu (Verified Review)

    It works wonderful pain is gone

  9. Janice Whatley (Verified Review)

    It works really good for me

  10. david George (Verified Review)

    worked beyond as described. great product !

  11. Jannette Knowley (Verified Review)

    Works so well, you need only use it a few times, worth its weight in gold. Great product.

  12. Bruce L Dyson (Verified Review)

    The podcut really does work!

  13. Sylvia Arnold (Verified Review)

    Worked well will buy more.

  14. Judy Tschann (Verified Review)

    It was wonderful. Started working right away.

  15. Kimberly Santelli (Verified Review)

    This was the only stuff that help with the itching and I used several products before finding this! I purchased it for all my family.

  16. Connie Lucio (Verified Review)

    It worked within two days. Great stuff.

  17. Amy Friedman (Verified Review)

    This cream worked well at relieving my itching but it took several weeks and consistent use until it finally went away.

  18. M Bozic (Verified Review)

    Ive gradually incorporated gotucream for treating folliculitis spots and it has successfully replaced 2 of my 3 medicated products. No more topical steroid or alcohol-based gel. Next step is to see it in place of the last steroid-antibiotic topical. I am very impressed and grateful.

  19. Nathan Landals (Verified Review)

    Fantastic product! Life is better with it!!

  20. Wayland Brown (Verified Review)


  21. J BRYAN (Verified Review)

    Excellent cream that helps with so many things like heat rash and more.

  22. Annie Cotter (Verified Review)

    This is a great product. It helped my rosacea tremendously. I recommend trying this over any prescription product.

  23. Steven Carlson (Verified Review)

    Bought for my Dads shingles, only thing that has helped him

  24. Cheryl Alexander (Verified Review)

    Helping to relieve the pain and stinging.

  25. Kimberly Martin (Verified Review)

    Love the product

  26. Machele Walton (Verified Review)

    This is my second jar of Gotucream. The first jar actually did the job but I wanted to have an extra jar just in case I had any skin flare ups. This is the only cream that cleared my skin up. Even the doctors prescribed cream did not help. I will always keep a jar of this with me. Its the best. Be patient and give it time to work.

  27. Michele Stonehouse (Verified Review)

    Thought it would heal area faster

  28. David Staley (Verified Review)

    Excellent so far.

  29. Iris Alvarez (Verified Review)

    I love Gotucream ! My skin looks better since I started the treatment!

  30. Michael Ritchie (Verified Review)

    While Gotucream is not a miracle cure, I did notice rapid improvement. The area of concern is getting better every day. Frankly surprised at how effective this product is.

  31. John Simmons (Verified Review)

    The best cream ever helps by healing my head and face thanks

  32. Connie Lucio (Verified Review)

    Started working immediately upon application. RELIEF

  33. George Provine (Verified Review)

    Really good product–it is soothing and your skin will like it!

  34. Larry Green (Verified Review)

    It works!

  35. Ronald Dethloff (Verified Review)

    works and smells great

  36. Josette Alexander (Verified Review)

    I applied Gotu on a burn I had and it dried and hurried its healing along.

  37. Anonymous (Verified Review)

    Definitely works to make sores heal faster. It took a couple of weeks to get it though so the 180 day guarantee didnt really work because I was at the end of an outbreak so I didnt get to try it until 20 days into receiving it.

  38. Susan Hero (Verified Review)

    First creme that.actually works on contact and lasts a long time ,so glad l found it l tell all my friends

  39. Amanda Maar (Verified Review)

    Amazing product. I use it for HS and it really reduces the size and length of time with my flare ups. Also the smallest amount goes a long way so the price of the product is so worth it

  40. Arianna Cardoza (Verified Review)

    The cream is AMAZING!! Never thought how great it would work on my skin issues.. but it has helped and healed it. Thank you so much for creating this for many to try ,, Arianna Cardoz

  41. Anonymous (Verified Review)

    Awesome product! Really helped with my husbands skin irritation.

  42. John (Verified Review)

    Best cream ever and best cream to be on this planet

  43. Anonymous (Verified Review)

    This cream provides real relief. I am into my third month of nerve pain and the Gotucream is something I rely on everyday. It enables me to sleep. The scarring has reduced as well.

  44. Machele W. (Verified Review)

    I purchased Gotucream because I could not find any other cream that would heal my skin (inflammation on my legs). I tried several over the counter creams and even prescription creams and none of them worked. I was really desperate. So once I used Gotucream and it healed my legs completely I was sold. I never wanted to be without this cream again. Now with my second jar I am using it on my elbows. They are not really a problem but they tend to be very dry and a little scaly at times. I am so excited to see what Gotucream will do for my elbows. Oh, by the way, my legs are still free of the inflammation that kept me for so long not wearing shorts, dresses, going to get pedicures (embarrassed by my legs) etc. Remember, the healing does not happen over night but using it consistently every day gave me really great results.

  45. Agnes Dixon (Verified Review)

    Now that I have used it for a couple of months, I can say it is effective against eruptions. I would rate it 5 if it smelled like something sweet. (This aroma does nothing for my tranquility.) You might find you have returning customers if you added a little essential oil!! Just saying! Thank you for your hard work in coming up with this formula, but would love it to have a more pleasant fragrance — of course non-toxic fragrance — and still all natural! Probably hard to do. (Im a Scot by birth, so therefore, hard to please, right?)

  46. John (Verified Review)

    Best cream ever to help scalp acne thanks

  47. William Shields (Verified Review)

    This small jar of Gotucream which I purchased twice was a lifesaver for healing and extreme pain after coming down with a bad case of Adult Shingles in October through November 2022. It is well worth the expense to mitigate the awful effects of Shingles. Truly a Miracle In A Small Jar.

  48. Denise (Verified Review)

    Its very helpful for my skin. I have HS, this seems to help with the discomfort/pain.

  49. Patrick Clark (Verified Review)

    Works well for me

  50. Mark L. (Verified Review)

    It helped a lot for my itching.

    Itching Jock_Itch
  51. Dana Segur (Verified Review)

    I have granuloma annular, and after applying goto cream the itching stopped. I apply it daily, no more itch. Thankyou so much.

  52. Gregg Graham (Verified Review)

    This stuff is amazing!!!

  53. Cora N. (Verified Review)

    Ordered this gotucream in November, didnt think it would work, my husband has severe psoriasis his fingers were split open , and his thumbs were horrible, after using the cream for 3 weeks, his skin is so much better. The doctor prescribed a cream that cost 122.00 ND didnt work. I will continue our purchase of Gotucream as long as I can. It is a godsend. Cora.

  54. Anonymous (Verified Review)

    I love how this cream work for me but I dont like the scent.

  55. Anonymous (Verified Review)

    I have lichen planus. My back broke out in a rash and I was itching so much I couldnt sleep. This cream allowed me to sleep. I am very grateful.

  56. Richard B. (Verified Review)

    Had a sore that would not heal. Tried 5 different OTC products and nothing worked. Purchased GoTu and within 3 days the sore was healed. My wife had a rash on her arm that would not heal. GoTu healed the rash in about 4 days. I still have 3 quarters of a jar left. When I run out, I will reorder. Thanks for this miracle product.

  57. Peggy Broadwater (Verified Review)

    Love it works great

  58. Julie Dorey (Verified Review)

    Your cream is amazing! I have suffered from facial sores forever and have used so many otc products yet to no avail. I still cant believe the results. Thank you so much!

  59. dana segur (Verified Review)

    I couldnt do without GoToCream. It has relieved my itch, from granuloma annulare, from the first night. Up until then, I was having to take prescription pills to alleviate the itching. Im so grateful for GoToCream.

  60. Anonymous (Verified Review)

    Wonderful product it healed a lot of skin issues I have. All but one, I realize I have something a little more serious.

  61. Dana Segur (Verified Review)

    Gotocream is the best. I cant be without it. It relieves the itch that I used to have to have a prescription for. Its an answer to prayer.

  62. Gordon Sutherland (Verified Review)

    A wonderful cream for cellulitis

  63. Mark Pawlowski (Verified Review)

    worked very well

  64. Reynaldo Ramos (Verified Review)

    Highly recommend product, amazing results within 2 weeks.

  65. Leopold L. (Verified Review)

    After decades of discomfort with a scalp disorder, not to mention the services of eight dermatologists in Canada and abroad, I wanted to ensure that the promising results Gotucream provided after barely a few weeks of use would not be short-lived. Now I am pleased to report that your product surpassed my expectations. thanks, and congratulations for what you have accomplished.

  66. lori s. (Verified Review)

    Product lived up to its claims. Hyperpigmentation secondary to radiation therapy resolved rather quickly . 100% satisfied

    Hyperpigmentation Melasma
  67. Anthony (Verified Review)

    It has done exactly what I had hoped for. It has eased my neuropathy pain above my eye from the Shingles less and less each day. I have been able to discontinue prescribed medications with other side effects and use only Gotucream. I recommend this product as it has successfully worked for me.

  68. Anonymous (Verified Review)

    I ordered Gotucream on Jan. 4 and I cannot remember exactly what day it was delivered, but it was fast. I started using this cream Jan. 10th on a new location of my Hidradenitis suppurativa flare. Literally, in 3 days, the boil was gone. However, there is this original location where the boil is more aggressive, being hard, painful and at times, some drainage, its taking longer to heal. As to date, Im still applying the cream twice a day and the swelling has finally went down with no pain and no leakage. I highly recommend this product for people dealing with the pain, suffering and embarrassment of Hidradenitis Suppurativa.

  69. laurie (Verified Review)

    The best healing cream

  70. Judith D. (Verified Review)

    Used the small jar within 10 days. It does help to reduce bruised areas on my legs. I like the fragrance of it and the fact that its herbal. Looking forward to treatment with the larger supply that I ordered. Will let you know a out the final outcome.

  71. Anonymous (Verified Review)

    Cream works really well. Excellent product!

  72. Roberta Vesely (Verified Review)

    Before purchasing I read and viewed videos. I purchased it to help with my Lichens Planus rash. I put it all over my rash before bed. The next morning the rash was no longer fiery red!!! I was totally amazed! There WAS indeed a difference. And like they stated, the change happened in hours not weeks. I still am applying this cream twice daily. The rash improves every week. It is not gone yet after 4 weeks, but it is no longer inflamed. Thanks Gotucream!!!!

  73. Angeline (Verified Review)

    The Gotucream is fantastic! It cleared my rash within a week. Im familiar with the natural ingredients in this product, which is why I purchased it; and I used it with confidence that it would work.

  74. David B. (Verified Review)

    Cleared up my facial issues within one week. Make sure you apply 3 times daily!

  75. Kenneth Haydock (Verified Review)

    Has helped my shoulder heal tremendously. Noticed a huge difference in soreness and redness within a week.

  76. Linda H. (Verified Review)

    It immediately started healing a very unusual sore that appeared and was helpful healing some other skin fissures.

  77. Ronald Weeks (Verified Review)

    So far it is good stuff. I need to try it a little longer.

  78. Frek Maduot (Verified Review)

    Great product it does really work Im only on second week with big improvement. Definitely will recommend it to any one.

  79. Mary DeLucia (Verified Review)

    My eye skin tag is almost gone

  80. Luba (Verified Review)

    The cream helped brake down a difficult contact dermatitis that created an encrusted callus on my scalp. It was gentle on my skin and it helped to heal my dermatitis. A bit pricey but a good product.

  81. Jennifer L. (Verified Review)

    Great cream! Really helped the dry patches on my face! Thank you!

  82. Danette P. (Verified Review)

    Works well on my dark spots and moles.

  83. Melissa Deel (Verified Review)

    This is the best product. I have had granuloma annulare with my skin problems and this product is tremendous. I am always skeptical about a lot of products, but this is the best. Do not hesitate to buy, it does what it says. You will not want a refund, just try it once and your hooked! I PROMISE

  84. William Slocumb (Verified Review)

    Worked very well to soothe and shrink my hemorrhoid issue. Finally something that works.

  85. Arthur (Verified Review)

    Smells OK and really helped my Doxy faliculitis. Ibought a second pot so that is a testimonial.I wish it contained an SPF 30 sun screen.

  86. Thomas S. (Verified Review)

    The cream really helped me out! Great stuff!

  87. Barry C. (Verified Review)

    It took a little time, but my rash has greatly improved.

  88. Anonymous (Verified Review)

    This cream really worked on my rosacea, Im so happy with it!

  89. Anonymous (Verified Review)

    Noticed results in less than one month of using product

  90. Patrick (Verified Review)

    It works really well, but there are times it can be somewhat overwhelming in more tender areas. Other than that, the results do provide what is advertised.

  91. Kathryn L. (Verified Review)

    This product worked extremely well, I highly recommend it!

  92. Victoria Wolanek (Verified Review)

    My 4 yr old daughter was suffering severely for months with Molluscum Contagiosum Virus. She would wake up crying itchy and Dr said it could take a year to go away. I found this cream on line and I swear months of watching my baby suffer was gone in 5 days. My only downside was not finding this cream sooner. Thank you so much. I am truly grateful not to see her suffer anymore.

  93. Gloria (Verified Review)

    I am 78 and have had small bumps under skin on cheeks for few years. I have tried to scrap them off plus various other things. This cream has made them smaller and fewer but I still have them. They are more aggravating than anything. I will order some more cream and try to totally get rid of them. Better than anything else I have used.

  94. Patrick (Verified Review)

    I was hesitant to purchase this product because of the cost, but I decided to go for it and I have not regretted it for a moment. The fissures have healed exponentially faster with this product. I love the consistency of it as well because it covers more area and saturates more fully than the oil I was using. It also smells amazing. I actually look forward to using it every day.

  95. JoAnne Hill (Verified Review)

    My Prurigo nodularis plagues me with severe umbilicized lesions. They are not healing in a week as users reported but are gradually healing better than with the prescribed topical steroid that is uncomfortable to my skin. I received 4 more jars recently.

  96. Robert M. (Verified Review)

    Works very well,easy to use and works
    quickly. I would recommend

  97. Myra (Verified Review)

    This cream did the trick! The smell is a little strong, but nothing else healed my diabetic legs.

  98. Annabel M. (Verified Review)

    I saw results right away. I applied the cream it was soothing and covered the sore with a sterile adhesive pad. Kept this up for a week. I was pleased to see much improvement. Healing is slow but the Gotucream has my endorsement. Thank you

  99. Anonymous (Verified Review)

    A effective solution for stubborn ringworms.

  100. Leslie Nixon (Verified Review)

    I love it and have ordered twice now for Icthyiosis.

  101. Thomas Fulton (Verified Review)

    Great product!

  102. John (Verified Review)

    It is terrific and has cleared up conditions that have existed for years!

  103. Angie G. (Verified Review)

    Great cream. Worth the money for sure. It has tea tree oil in it, which is wonderful for psoriasis.

  104. Edward Raney (Verified Review)

    For months I had a constant painful skin rash/pimple that would migrate from one side of my forehead to the other. I tried multiple over the counter rash and acne medications with no success. I ran across an article on the web that was talking about my symptoms, and it mentioned that what I had could be a fungus. I started researching what medications could help me get rid of a fungus and Gotucream came up as a possible solution. Ive used Gotucream twice a day (morning and before bedtime) for 6 weeks and my forehead is now issue free. No more pain and itching. My opinion is that it works.

  105. Eric Y. (Verified Review)

    Best ever. I had an infection that I could not clear with anything even doctors could not clear it. they said it was internal and wanted me on antibiotics for several months. I picked up the antibiotics but never took them. I kept trying for over a year and a half barely controlling it under my nose with colloidal silver, tea tree ( it would burn my sensitive skin) oils from the jungle known to disinfect and clear everything under the sun and nothing. Plus everything through of my skins PH and it would be affected in various ways.

    This cream did the trick, been using it and on my second bottle, had it about a year and a half. I apply just a little an the redness goes away and finally at some moment my nose just stopped cracking and peeling and getting pussy eruptions and the spread stopped. Feeling so good. The only thing aside from this working was the ocean but I live to far from the beach to go daily. salt baths helped but this was what did it. YAY, so glad someone invented this stuff.

  106. Jordan (Verified Review)

    This cream is wonderful! It is very calming on eczema patches I have behind my ears! Purchase it, its multi-use!!!

  107. Marcos A. (Verified Review)

    This is the only other cream aside from the prescribed steroid medication that was prescribed that has actually worked, it worked so well i stopped using the steroid medication, as there was no need for it.

  108. john s. (Verified Review)


  109. Nancy (Verified Review)

    Magic cream!!!

  110. Diana Fleming (Verified Review)

    This is a great natural anti-inflammatory skin cream. I am so thankful you make it. And I really like the smell.

  111. Audrey Price (Verified Review)

    Presented my bill to Aetna Insurance hopefully they will accept it as across the counter and reimburse me. CVS didnt have it in stock. You advertised it would be coming to CVS.

  112. Anonymous (Verified Review)

    It really works for bumps!!! Great cream

  113. Fatima Four (Verified Review)

    It smells great

  114. Geoffrey (Verified Review)

    The best product of its kind.
    I only recommend using a different color print on the outside of the jar. It can be difficult to read the white lettering on a neon jar filled with white cream. At least when you open it to start using it.
    Otherwise, wonderful and highly recommend product.

  115. Hans Van Diest (Verified Review)

    This Cream really helps

  116. Al McDaniel (Verified Review)

    Good product

  117. Amanda Mazza (Verified Review)

    This stuff is amazing. My husband had a severe sunburn and used this and the sunburn pain went away

  118. Sheryl (Verified Review)

    My son had molluscum and nothing we did would seem to work. After a brief search online I found this cream. I was hesitant at first, due to cost and some of the other reviews that were so positive, but still pulled the trigger on ordering it. Im so glad I did. We applied it two times a day, waking and going to bed. As a 5 year old, I dont think he was worried of what others thought when he had his shirt off, but now that theyre gone he is so happy and I couldnt be more appreciative or grateful for this cream all of you have put together. Thank you so much!

  119. Nancy Stuart (Verified Review)

    Magic cream !!

  120. Sheri Martin (Verified Review)

    My husband’s skin is improving more with Gotucream than with any other cream he has ever tried. We are so thankful for this wonderful product!

  121. Danielle (Verified Review)

    I have had an eczema patch on my leg for 4 years that wouldnt heal and after using this cream for about two weeks, it is nearly completely gone. I am a believer and will be purchasing this again.

  122. Laura (Verified Review)

    Honestly ordering this was a Hail Mary for me. I kept all the packaging fully expecting to need a refund but it works. I had jock itch and was really struggling with it. Give this cream a little time – a week or so and it will be worth it – it really works! I now use it every time before I workout as a preventative. Its not cheap but I that is the price I pay for relief.

  123. Jack R. (Verified Review)

    This is the best anti itch cream I have ever used. It actually works.

  124. Matondo N. (Verified Review)

    I like the product, the result is impressive.

  125. Natalie Yeazel (Verified Review)

    The smell gets some getting used to. The product works amazingly.

  126. Ashley Foster (Verified Review)

    Works great

  127. Anonymous (Verified Review)

    Very effective!

  128. Nawal (Verified Review)

    This stuff is seriously amazing! I am not going to lie, I was really skeptical but it was great, it worked fast, it smells good and it didnt irritate my sensitive skin! Thank you

  129. Anonymous (Verified Review)

    Used daily for a few weeks and it reduced corn on the bottom of foot along with daily buffing.

  130. Lamberto Valerio (Verified Review)

    Gotu cream is most effective for my post-shingles itch.

  131. Ferol C. (Verified Review)

    Worked very well.

  132. Ray (Verified Review)

    I use this product to remove pain resulting from shingles.

  133. Luiz M. (Verified Review)

    I just started to use the ointment , I have Lichen Plannus, and nothing has changed and relived my skin so far, but Gotucream, the texture of my skin says it all .

  134. Marlyn Frailey (Verified Review)

    This is a great product for people who suffer with Liken Planus. I have used 3 jars now in the past two months, because I am applying it all over my body. I live in Wyoming which an extremely dry climate. My skin has significantly improved. The only complaint I have is that it is pricey.

  135. Anonymous (Verified Review)

    This product is amazing.

  136. Anonymous (Verified Review)

    Worked well, keep to the Instructions.

  137. Danny Cornwell (Verified Review)

    Smooth cream smells strong, kind of minty, but not unpleasant and feels soothing. I have developed Folliculitis on the back of my head and neck due to a combination of prostate cancer hormone therapy causing hot flashes and sweating and the addition of a new C-Pap machine strap wrapped tightly around my head at night, so I have been trying different treatments. I was traveling for two weeks and only had some Almond Clear solution that did nothing but make my scalp raw and allowed several bumps on my hair line to become inflamed and get worse and worse. When I got home and put Gotucream on, it soothed the pain and the bumps reduced in size overnight. I also it put on rough skin patches I have had for years on the inside of my thumb and forefinger and it is smoothing that out as well. I am not sure if it will do away with my Folliculitis, it has not yet, but it calms it down, reduces and minimizes the frequency and severity of the bumps, and makes it feel much better.

  138. Anonymous (Verified Review)


  139. Thomas T. (Verified Review)

    It’s not a “miracle cream” but it does work wonders on carbuncles!

  140. Anonymous (Verified Review)

    Love your product! Really works!

  141. KIRSHNA A HILLYARD (Verified Review)


  142. Rebecca C. (Verified Review)

    Thankful to have been recommended to use this cream. My daughter struggles with eczema and has bumps on the back of her arms. This works wonders!!! Thankful to use this instead of a steroid. My husband recently got cellulitis on his leg and this has also helped aid in his recovery. Will definitely continue to recommend this to friends!

  143. Anonymous (Verified Review)

    So far its working great. I enjoy the consistency of it. It feels light on my face. I havent used it long enough to see more results but I do believe that I see some results. I see that it is lightning the acne scars on my face and I believe it helps to calm acne before it becomes painful and huge. As if it stops the inflammation process. I think its a great cream.

  144. Anonymous (Verified Review)

    Excellent product!! Did what I needed it to do!!

  145. Grace (Verified Review)

    I love it, my dark spot is getting lighter and that’s why this product always buy it

  146. LeAnn Statham (Verified Review)

    It’s faded my granny Loma annulare lesions on my skin. Even though they’re totally not gone there a lot lighter than they were all because of this cream

  147. Debra B. (Verified Review)

    I really like what this cream does for my face. What I dont like and I dont know how to combat it is how much it dries out my skin. It dries it out terribly. But the benefits are great outside of that issue. I use it for my rosacea, and that helps keep it from itching terribly. But like I said, it dries out my skin to the point where its flaking. Any help with this would be appreciated.

  148. Lois (Verified Review)

    Very good product.

  149. Ricci (Verified Review)

    Tyvm, I’v been using Gotucream for about 4 months now. It’s extremely soothing and leaves a nice fresh scent while healing the takes place. Also, the wound looks much better than with other products I’ve used. Thank you!

  150. Anonymous (Verified Review)

    doing what it says

  151. Carol Soeters (Verified Review)

    It helped with the purigo nodulares

  152. Yolanda (Verified Review)

    I am greatly appreciative of this wonderful product. I have been using it for at least a year for eczema, uneven pigmentation, and spider veins. It does take a minute to see complete results. However, I love how it calms the itching from eczema within a few minutes and at times immediately. It has truly made a difference for my skin and I will definitely continue to use it. Thank you for a priceless product.

  153. Anonymous (Verified Review)

    works better than prescription cremes I have tried

  154. Marie (Verified Review)

    I will not be without this in my household. If you have ANY skin issues, including parasites, insect bites, acne or any type of skin issue this is a must have product. I bought originally for scabies for which it worked incredibly well, but

  155. Kylie (Verified Review)

    Im in my late twenties and every spring for the last two years I have been getting a heat rash all over my face and upper body. After multiple trips to the dermatologist, various antibiotics, creams, sunscreens, nothing was keeping it away. I decided to do my own research. I came across gotucream and it has completely kept my skin rash free in the spring and summer months. Im not the type to leave reviews but this cream saved me for my wedding day as well and I am so grateful for it!! Thank you for making this product! It is a miracle!

  156. Deborah (Verified Review)

    Gotucream is creates a soothing cold /heat sensation on irritated tissue.

  157. George E. (Verified Review)

    Great product. Works very well, and just a little dab is all you need.

  158. Anonymous (Verified Review)

    This is a great product. It has a very pleasant smell and is light weight. It helped me heal a candida skin infection fairly quickly without needing to use prescription medications.

  159. Heidi (Verified Review)

    Worked wonderfully!!

  160. jack r. (Verified Review)

    Best thing I found yet for anti itching cream.

  161. Pamela (Verified Review)

    Purchased my first jar to see if it would help redness and bumps. It worked beautifully and will be definitely purchasing the larger jar next time! Miracle for me!

  162. Linda (Verified Review)

    Gotucream is great. I have milia and the herbal cream is bringing the milia to the surface and exfolliating it.

  163. Ronald D. (Verified Review)

    Been using Gotucream for about 1 year now and the area I frequently apply it to is much better. Hardly even notice the area and often forget to apply for a few days.

  164. Danielle Johnson

    This product is amazing. My next resort was surgery. I’m thankful to say I don’t need it anymore. I’ve been using this product for a little over a week and my keloids are going away! A lot of products give false hope but THIS IS REAL! Soon I’ll be able to comfortably look at my skin and smile at the results. I’m already overwhelmed with joy. Take that first step and try it. It’s worth it!

    Image #1 from Danielle Johnson
    Image #2 from Danielle Johnson
    Image #3 from Danielle Johnson
    Image #4 from Danielle Johnson
  165. Vanessa O. (Verified Review)

    Great product! Recommended 100%. You will see the changes faster than other creams

  166. Wayland Brown (Verified Review)

    Works great!!

  167. AJ (Verified Review)

    It is my Go to cream

  168. Vera C. (Verified Review)

    I purchased for the skin tags on my neck.. having used it consistently now for 4 weeks, I have seen a huge improvement! Thank you!!

  169. Blake K. (Verified Review)

    This stuff is amazing! I have suffered from large horrifically painful and unsightly folliculitis cyst in my groin and thigh for YEARS. Otherwise, Im a healthy guy. I started using this a month ago and even my scars from past boils are healing and shrinking. Dont give it a second thought, this product is literally life changing!

  170. John Clements (Verified Review)

    Dried up painful underarm boils in 3 weeks when nothing else I tried worked.

  171. Barbara A Carrier (Verified Review)

    It has helped me control my granuloma annular outbreaks.

  172. Linda (Verified Review)

    I’ve used products that were made to relieve itching. None of them have worked for me. Gotucream actually works! I’m happy now that I bought back up for me emergency kit and that it wasn’t a waste of money. I’m very pleased with this product.

  173. Laurel (Verified Review)

    Gotucream seems to be healing a stubborn small lesion on my hand left by an IV needle insertion. No other cream I’ve tried has helped.

  174. Samara (Verified Review)

    Great for my son’s eczema!

  175. Shawn A. (Verified Review)

    This product is amazing. The dermatologist told us there was nothing that helped get rid of molluscum, so we waited months. When it starts spreading we got gotucream and immediately saw a difference- all cleared up in only a few weeks!

  176. Bill (Verified Review)

    seems to work for my shingles postherpetic neuralgia pain which often feels like a bad sunburn.

  177. Anonymous (Verified Review)

    Very soothing! Healing! Great product!

  178. Anonymous (Verified Review)

    This cream is affective in helping calm the skin. I actually think its pretty strong so I cant use too much. If I apply the right amount it works good to calm inflammation.

  179. Ronnie A. (Verified Review)

    Actually works better than all the prescriptions I had to buy. You have a very good product. I would recommend it to any one with my problem. (Dermatitis on my scalp and face. Thank you.

  180. Linda B. (Verified Review)

    This cream turned out to be the best decision I had made! You have to use it at least 2 X’s a day but it works, problem skin gone!!!! Highly recommended!

  181. Anonymous (Verified Review)

    When nothing else works, Gotucream will. It may take longer than the three days that is mentioned on the website, but it works. I have leaned to always have a little jar at the ready. I think it is magic.

  182. Anonymous (Verified Review)

    One million times better remedy for molluscum than anything physician prescribed. Proper use and coverage of infected area.

  183. Darlene (Verified Review)

    I really like Gotucream, helps my hives!

  184. Brian P. (Verified Review)

    Works well. A little expensive

  185. George Provine (Verified Review)

    Gotucream works as claimed. Very effective for skin conditions. I have used Gotucream for over a year and recommend it wholeheartedly!

  186. Barbara (Verified Review)

    Worked even better than expected

  187. Annie

    My partner has struggled with cold sores and impetigo his whole life and this is the only thing that works!! We are so grateful for this product. Works miracles.

  188. Beth Palaske (Verified Review)

    nice cream helped with my rosacea

  189. Paul M. (Verified Review)

    Have been using this cream a few weeks now as an additional adjunct to treat rosacea; so far so good.

  190. Jeffrey (Verified Review)

    Hi- Great product. Glad I found it. Ive been using Gotucreme for at least 2 yrs. For athletes foot, for me, results were much better than the usual stuff in a tube. It seems to also work to prevent herpes flareups. Hopefully this will be available forever. Thank You!!

  191. Jorge Alvarado (Verified Review)

    Excellent product I give 5 stars

  192. Ajoke O. (Verified Review)

    It works so well.

  193. Sean Cook (Verified Review)

    Working pretty good so far!

  194. Diana P. (Verified Review)

    This cream does exactly what it says and was so helpful for my son. Will be buying more!

  195. Anonymous (Verified Review)

    I do like it and have used it every day. I bought it to help me get over shingles but am not too sure of the extent of its effectiveness. I think it has helped.

  196. Angela Vitorio (Verified Review)

    This is working amazing!!!

  197. Irma (Verified Review)

    This cream was better than I thought! I had been seeking how to treat some random patches of rough skin I had grown for the past 2 years on my forehead and right below my eyebrows, also on my chin and tried this out! In almost 2-3 weeks they were gone! Just disappeared! This is awesome! Forever using this as my go-to face cream!

  198. Tammy C. (Verified Review)

    Bought this because my brother had shingles. He was using cat-o’-nine-tails lotion. But after just 2 applications of this cream there was a significant difference. Within 3 days of using 3 times a day he was feeling great and on a fast road to recovery.

  199. Susan (Verified Review)

    I had a very painful corn that I could not get rid no matter what I tried. But Gotucream worked like a charm!

  200. Sharon Marsh (Verified Review)

    My daughter loves it

  201. Maria (Verified Review)

    I bought this for my mom to help her skin heal from Shingles. Her skin has healed by 80% and isn’t rough and sensitive to the touch. We are so thankful for this cream!!

  202. Nancy (Verified Review)

    Very effective and soothing, nothing works better. I love it!

  203. Patricia (Verified Review)

    I bought it hoping it would work better than the steroid cream i’m using for my granuloma annulare it hasn’t so far but it does keep my rosacea under control.

  204. Anonymous (Verified Review)

    It is a soothing cream.

  205. Jacqueline B. (Verified Review)

    I have tried everything, GotuCream is the winner!

  206. Sandra White (Verified Review)

    To early to determine, just received last week.

  207. William N. (Verified Review)

    Works very well for numerous skin rash’s very quickly, with-in a short time periods scalp, face blemish and even helps sooth itching from nerve damage I got from a bad case of shingles I had 3 years ago. Very happy with the results.

  208. Chzeyin O. (Verified Review)

    I like this cream! It’s helped with my skin problem, its soothing and makes the itch goes away.

  209. Anonymous (Verified Review)

    Too soon to tell how well it’s working. This is my second jar.

  210. Anonymous (Verified Review)

    Absolutely nothing else has helped with irritating Yeast arm pit rash except for this. Love it.

  211. barnard (Verified Review)

    Really helps with Rosacea!

  212. Robin A. (Verified Review)

    I love this cream! It’s been helpful for my eczema flare-ups when not much else has. My eczema seems to flare up or settle down as a result of my stress levels and the weather. When experiencing a flare-up cycle, I return to using Gotucream. It soothes the intense itch fast. I love the organic ingredients it’s made of.

  213. Andrea Cummins (Verified Review)

    Have used your cream for a few years for several types of skin ailments….just used it on an rash which helped it heal within a few days….

  214. Eugene (Verified Review)

    Well done!

  215. LLOYD GATLING (Verified Review)

    GotUCream is the only thing that has helped my wife’s skin rash. It clears it up in a few days. Nothing else has worked, over the counter or by prescription.

  216. Donna D. (Verified Review)

    it helped tremendously with the itching. I have Prurigo nodularis.
    Gotu cream gave so much relief.

  217. Margaret Li (Verified Review)

    It is good for the itching
    After I applied the Gotucream to the red bumps or reddish skin then applying cold pad on the affected area it gradually diminished the swelling reddish spots
    after applying many more Gotucream it give patients more comfort and confidence to live in a normal daily life

    PS Gotucream price is high
    I wish you can lower Gotucream price
    so many people will buy it

    Margaret Li

  218. Anonymous (Verified Review)

    Great for hemorrhoids, to push them back in

  219. Jann J. (Verified Review)

    This cream is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!! I recommend it for anyone with any kind of skin condition. My grandson used it for molluscum contagiosum and it worked GREAT!

  220. Anonymous (Verified Review)

    It is healing a fissure with good results

  221. Shirley L. (Verified Review)

    It’s wonderful

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